Foster Communications, LLC

The future is here!

Foster Communications, LLC (FosterComm) was founded on a simple idea--provide better, more reliable internet.

Locally owned and operated, FosterComm understands the frustrations of having poor to non-existant internet. Together, we hope that those frustrations will soon be a distant memory of the past for all members of our community.

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What We Offer

25 Mbps/5 Mbps (down/up) for $100/mo.

Speed Optimized

Experience real broadband, 25 Mbps down. Stream video in 4k. Game like a pro. Browse with ease.

Unlimited Data

Consume as much as you'd like. We will never throttle you for using too much data.

Community Dedication

Locally owned and operated. Dedicated to imporoving and uplifting the Foster Community.

Continuously Evolving

As technology changes, so will our services. The sky is the limit.

Need some help?

Please make use of your preferred support mechanism.

Open a Support Case

This is the best option. Open a support case allows us to better track issues, and will generate automatic email updates.

Email Us

Email works great for us, however you will not get automated updates as we work through your issue.

Call Us

If all else fails or you just want to talk to us, give us a call.

Get In Touch

Interested in service or have a question? Use the form below to drop us a line, and someone will follow up with you soon.

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